Alan Walker & Georgia Ku - Don't You Hold Me Down (Official Music Video)

Walker Racing League continues 🏎 I'm excited to share this song alongside the talented @Georgia Ku. Walkers, there's a lot more to come, we haven't reached the finish line yet 🏁

- Alan

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// LYRICS // Alan Walker & Georgia Ku - Don't You Hold Me Down // LYRICS //
Don’t you hold me down
Don’t you hold me down

I've been feeling all the pressure
I'd been looking for a sign
I don’t love you any lesser
I just need a little time

I’m sorry but for real
Don’t wanna be tied up
Don’t wanna feel too much
There’s things I wanna do
Oh no don’t

Don’t don’t you hold me down

I've been waiting for a lifetime
I don’t wanna miss a chance
All my visions coming to life
And you know I got bigger plans

I’m sorry but for real
Don’t wanna be tide up
Don’t wanna feel too much
There’s things I wanna do
Oh no don’t

Don’t don’t you hold me down

Ooooh don’t you hold me hold me now
slow me, slow me down x2

Don’t don’t you hold me down


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Producer: Mikkel Gulliksen
Executive producer: Gunnar Greve
Director : Kristian Berg
DoP: Jakob Ingimundarson
Focus Puller: Bernhard Fitzinger
Cam. Assistant: Jørgen Skogsrud
Cam. Assistant: Haldor Wærstad
1st AD; Ben Lucas
2nd AD: Alex Roterud
Production Coordinator: Stine S. Gundersen
Gaffer: Trym Gulla Dyrnes
Lightning Assistant: Henrik Fagerli Larsen
Props: Mari Eios Eriksen
Office Assistant / PA: Daniel Karlsen
PA: Hans Henrik Treidene
Costume: Elise Nohr Nystad
Makeup: Lise Erlandsen
SFX Supervisor: Pål Morten Hverven
SFX Armour: Stian Kirsebom Andersen
SFX: Pyrotech Morten Moen
SFX Pyrotech: Rune Andersen
SFX Assistant: Jon-Emil Jacobsen
Casting: Maria Sand
Casting: Magnus Sand
BTS: Mohammed Sarmadawy
Project manager: Madeleine Kviljo
Edit: Mads Neset

Camera: Kamerautleien
Lights: Storyline
SFX: Fiksern AS

by 2021-08-27 5,402,069x downloaded 221,770 0 2:25

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